Find your home at CK DanceWorks Inc.
“My daughter is in her sixth season of dance at CK. She loves the studio, the staff, and the amazing friends that she has met. The studio is gorgeous, the staff is amazing and always willing to help and the families we have had the opportunity to meet are just as fabulous. I would choose CK over and over again.” Brandi Holloway
“As a dancer most of my life I am very picky when it came to choosing a dance studio. I have found truly the BEST at CK DanceWorks. It is clean, they are friendly and accommodating, and most if all they love all three of my children dearly and isn’t that what every parent wants? I feel so safe dropping them off knowing they are in the best hands and are learning all aspects of the art of dance.” Jessie Gonzalez
“I just completed my 3rd DancElite Summer Intensive, and my sister and I are about to begin our 4th competition dance season with CK. I love it here! There are classes for everyone, from sweet little babies first learning ballet up to Silver Sneakers Yoga. Come see why we all call it our “Second Home”. 🙂 Rachel Fossett
“I can’t say enough wonderful things about CK! It is definitely my girls’ happy place and their home away from home. All of the teachers are amazing, not only in their dance instruction, but also in the way they build self-confidence and love the kids. It’s the best environment I could ask to have for my girls to do what they love! 💕” Megan Treadwell
“This will be our 3rd year at CK and I cannot say enough good things! All of the staff are incredible both in teaching and also in their personalities! My daughter loves to go to dance and CK has given us a dance family!” Tiffany Rollins
“We love CK DanceWorks! This place has the feel of family as the owners and instructors are completely involved and beyond encouraging, and they encourage an uplifting atmosphere! Our daughter has thrived in this dance environment & we would recommend this company to anyone looking for a wonderful place to learn & perfect their dance skills!!” Nicole Lamp
“CK DanceWorks is an amazing studio with wonderful teachers and staff! They have an incredible competition team! My daughter loves everything about this studio, she is starting her 4th season with them and calls CK her second home.” Sandra Prescott
“CK is our home away from home for the last 5, going on 6 years! Both of my girls have been in their recreational classes and competition teams. We have had nothing but great experiences and opportunities at CK. The instructors and other dancers there are like family!” Whitney Boring
“Ck DanceWorks is our home away from home. From the amazing instructors and staff, to the incredible choreography and level of talent, CK is an incredible place for your child to learn and grow. Both of my daughters have taken dance here for 7 years now, and I have always been so proud to call this our studio, They handled the pandemic with such grace and kindness and found a way to continue to bring the students joy and some normalcy. The shows are top notch and always amaze me. If you are looking for a dance, acro, or yoga home, look no further. you will not find anything better than CK DanceWorks!” Tasha Smith
“My daughter is beginning her 14th year dancing at CK. The teachers are amazing and like family to us. CK has taught her a lot about friendships, dedication and teamwork. I couldn’t imagine taking her anywhere else!” Kim Johnson
“We love CK DanceWorks!! 2020-2021 was my daughters first year of dance at CK and we loved the teachers and the knowledge they have as well.. they all made my girl feel at home and she is ready for this next season!!” Jim Roberson
“Just moved to Georgia and couldn’t be happier with CK. After just one class, my four year old already calls this studio her “happy place.” Everyone is so friendly and we love all the different class options! We feel blessed to have found this gem…and so close to home!” Sarah Peterson
“Updating my review: We are now in our 3rd season with CK and have found our dance home! All of the teachers are incredible! The owners are beyond amazing and always take time to say hello to me and I love that they teach the kiddos too! I recently joined the yoga program and once again CK did not disappoint!!! The Christmas show was amazing! It’s so great to see my daughter so passionate about dance and I have CK to thank!!! We love our CK family and can’t wait to be baCK after the holiday break!!!” Miranda Hadaway
“CK DanceWorks is a safe haven for our community. From the moment you walk through it’s doors you can see, hear and feel the energy permeating throughout this grand and beautiful building especially designed for dance. With the owners love and passion for the arts, they have created an environment that has inspired hundreds of young girls and boys, including my thirteen and eleven year old girls, to love, respect, encourage each other as they develop their skills in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop, and contemporary dance. If you are looking for a dance school, then look no further. CK Dance Works has everything you’re looking for in a dance school and more. It’s been a home away from home for my girls for over 12 years now, and we love it.” Paul Hand
We have enjoyed watching our daughter grow both personally and as a dancer over the past 6 years at CK Danceworks. The teachers are positive role models and has given her the opportunity to receive a premier dance education right in our community.-HEATHER DURDEN, MOTHER OF CLAIR
My daughter has been dancing with CK DanceWorks now for almost 3 years. All the teachers are amazing and do an incredible job. Not only have you have taught her the art of dance but more importantly you have helped her to discover a lot about herself and her capabilities. Your recitals are spectacular show stopping performances. I am never prouder than when I see my daughter dance and be a part of the magic. The opportunity to be involved in such professional performances is priceless.- LINDA FUNDERBURK, MOTHER OF LILIAE
Our daughters have both danced with CK DanceWorks since they were 2 1/2 years old. What always has and continues to impress us the most is that CK provides each dancer with a great deal of love, support & individualized attention. They take a great deal of pride in helping each dancer to reach their full potential ~ building confidence, discipline & poise. Even in a very successful & growing studio, they have never lost site of this approach. Everyone is appreciated, talented & loved, and they have a ton of fun along the way! This is what makes CK so special! I can not thank CK enough for the positive influence & impact that they have had on my daughters & all of their dancers!- ALESHA HOLLINGER, MOTHER OF CAMRYN
In 2004, CK DanceWorks opened a mile from my house and began their first year. At the time, my mom enrolled me in a couple of classes because it was such a convenient drive. After making an innumerable amount of those one mile drives over the past nine years, I have become completely convinced that the studio’s proximity to my home was no coincidence. I always enjoyed dance as a child, but CK DanceWorks allowed me to fall head over heels in love for the art. I became a founding member of the performing company, and through the amazing studio staff, my technique reached levels I never thought possible. More importantly, the environment fostered the growth of many life-long friendships, growing me as a person, and developing the great passion I have for dance that I never expected to form.- LAURA TESTINO, CKDW CLASS OF 2013
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you guys do at CK DanceWorks. Both of my daughters absolutely LOVED their time with you. Your teachers are amazing, the shows are top quality, and the overall atmosphere at CK is that of excellence. I had one that competed with your senior prodigy and one that did reach out, and they both received the same attention to detail with their performances. Thank you for creating an environment where my girls could make memories they will hold forever! – Tiffany S.