The first week of classes is Monday, August 7-Sunday, August 13!

Login to your Parent Portal to view your student’s class day and time.  

Students need to arrive completely dressed and ready for their class, abiding by the dress code linked here. Their hair should be pulled away from their face, neatly. 

Please note: Tap shoes are NOT to be worn in the lobby as our concrete floors can be slippery! Students in tap/jazz, PS 1, PS 2, or any other tap class, should arrive in slides, or their other dance shoes. They will change into their tap shoes in the dance classroom. 

Dance shoes and a labeled water bottle are the only items that should accompany your student into class. Appropriate dance shoes should be clearly labeled with your child’s name on both shoes and brought to class in a dance bag.  Acro students are barefoot in class, so slides or other slip-on shoes are perfect to wear to and from class! Students’ names should also be clearly written on all belongings (dance shoes, water bottles, jackets, etc.). Labeling all items helps the teachers and staff to make sure all belongings go home with the right students or are easily returned to the owner if they are ever misplaced or left behind.

The following items are NOT permitted in the classroom: gum, candy, snacks, beverages (other than water), toys, jewelry (other than stud earrings), and electronics.

Cell phones are NOT permitted in the classroom and must be left inside their bag until they have been dismissed from class.

As signed in your policies at the time of registration, CK DanceWorks Inc. is NOT responsible for any phones or other electronic devices that are damaged, lost, stolen, or misplaced while on our premises.

Everyone will enter CK DanceWorks Inc. through the FRONT doors. The side/rear doors will be EXIT ONLY doors and will be locked from the exterior.

As always, safety is our #1 priority. We want to be able to monitor who is entering the building AND be able to welcome and greet them each time they visit CK DanceWorks. 


We are allowing ONE parent/guardian per dancer into the building. Siblings, friends, and other relatives are NOT allowed inside the building.

“But what if I have another student enrolled in a class at CK DanceWorks Inc.?”

If you have another child enrolled in a class that begins at a different time, you will need to bring them back prior to their start time. We have created a nice outdoor space with benches and picnic tables which can be utilized while you wait.


There are many benefits to a less populated lobby and hallway area including: 

- Safety! A crowded lobby is not safe for our customers, students, or staff. Too many spectators in the building make it difficult for our staff to be able to effectively monitor who is in the building and to navigate throughout the building.

- More productivity in classes as students can focus better with less noise from distractions outside of class.

- More independence from dancers as they rely on teachers 100% of the time during class for any issues instead of asking their parents.

- Less crying when separating from parents for our little ones.

Again, NEW CK Parents, or Preschool Parents: Please review the previously sent email “What to ExpeCKt! Dance Parents 101."

You will exit the building using one of the two side/rear doors of our building.

These two doors will be clearly labeled and our workers will happily point you in the right direction! You may NOT exit the building using the front doors.

These front doors will only be used for guests arriving or for students using the carline. 


Utilizing our carline for drop-off and pick-up is the best option for this. All siblings (including toddlers) must remain outside of our building and be SUPERVISED by a parent or guardian at ALL times.


Please inform your teacher upon drop-off and our staff will get them to their correct class.

If a student misses a class, you may schedule a makeup class through your Parent Portal. Three makeup classes per season are permitted and only during the months of September-February. 


SpotTV is video streaming service to watch your child’s classes right from your phone! Sign up for the Event in your Parent Portal and make an account here. There will be a $40 fee for this service. Please email with any inquiries or issues, and allow 24-48 hours for a response

If a class listed has the word "waitlist" next to it as opposed to "register" then that particular class is full. You may register your child for the waitlist so that you may be contacted when a spot becomes available in that particular class. We recommend registering for another class in the meantime as you wait for a waitlist opening. CK can't guarantee a waitlist opening; however, during the first few weeks of the season, we do generally see movement in our classes as students get acclimated to their schedules or move acro levels. Since we conduct all of our registration online, we can't predict when a particular day/time class will fill up, so we recommend registering as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!

When registering for a waitlist, you will be charged the registration fee to remain on the list and be contacted when there is an opening. However, you will not be charged tuition until your student is actually registered for the class.

Drop-Off & Pick Up Q & A:

Dance Students: 

1. If entering the building, dance students should be accompanied by ONE parent and should enter the building using the front/main entrance and wait for their teacher in the main lobby. Carline can also be used for drop-off. You will then wait on the benches in the lobby for your child’s teacher to take them into their dance classroom. Please do not stand by the classroom doors as this inhibits our teachers from dismissing their prior class in a timely and efficient manner. Parents are NOT allowed in our classrooms.

2. Any student accompanied by other siblings, or more than one parent, will need to be dropped off by foot at the front doors and will then be escorted to class by one of our staff members. These dancers can also use our carline option. Again, only ONE parent per student is allowed in the building. 

Acro Students:

1. Acro students will need to be dropped off (and picked up) at the entrance of Room #6/Acro door which is located under the breezeway at the back of our building. Carline may be utilized but using the Room 6 area is the most efficient.

2. Students and their ONE parent should wait outside in the breezeway area where there are benches and picnic tables until the acro instructor comes out to greet you both. The instructor will then take students into the classroom. Parents are NOT allowed in our classrooms. 

3. If you would like to stay and watch class, then the one parent accompanying the student will need to walk around to the front/main entrance of the building to watch class via the viewing monitors in our lobby.

Dance Students:

There are TWO options for picking up your dance student from class. 

1. If you remain in the building to watch class, you may pick up your student directly from their instructor by meeting at one of the designated EXIT doors. (The two push doors on the sides of our building. One is between Rooms 1 and 2 and the other is in between Rooms 3 & 4. They are clearly labeled). 

2. You may utilize the carline at the FRONT of our building. If you plan on using the carline, you will be given a nameplate at your child’s first class. Please make sure your student’s name is written in large letters, neatly and is clearly visible.

You will place this nameplate in your dashboard to help our carline workers facilitate carline.  Please pull all the way up to the mailbox. Students may only get into the car on the passenger side. This will help us even more with keeping piCK-up running efficiently and smoothly. Carline drivers should not be on their phones for the safety of everyone and should continue to move through and not hold up the line.

Acro Students:

1. Parents will need to pick up their students at Room #6/Acro door. If you are staying to watch class in the lobby, you'll need to head back through the exit doors to meet your child at the acro room door. If you do not watch class in the lobby, you may park your car, and walk to meet your student at the acro room door.

If your child is not picked up at the Acro room door within the 5 minute dismissal window, the class assistant will escort your child to the front for you to then pick them up using the carline at the front of our building. If you would prefer to utilize the carline instead of picking up your child at the acro room, inform your child’s instructor.


Still have questions?

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Phone: 770.975.7298