Brandy Moss
Owner, Artistic Director

Brandy Moss is a native Georgia Peach, born and raised in Cobb County. She began competing as a teenager and won many regional & national top awards, including a Tremaine Intern Scholarship to the Moro Landis Studio in LA, now known as Millennium Dance Complex. After traveling to train in Los Angeles, she realized that her true passion was teaching within the studio. She began teaching as a free-lance instructor and created her own “Tender Loving Dance” program traveling to over fifteen preschools in the area. She realized early on that she had the drive to be an entrepreneur. She worked hard to make that happen and at the age of 21, opened Steps Dance Center in Woodstock. Steps grew into a very successful dance studio & business, which Brandy later sold to her assistant. Brandy enjoyed her time away from work, but soon realized how much she missed the studio. She reached out to Cairo’s finest Christina Wiginton, a well-known instructor with un-stoppable choreography and southern sweetness, and together with her sister, Kensey Mimbs, a talented dancer with a passion for teaching young children, they derived a vision. That vision, that dream, became CK DanceWorks, Inc. Today, Brandy enjoys running all things CK behind the scenes and managing the team. With everything that entails, she has time to be a busy mom, too. Brandy’s three talented daughters all found a love for dance following in their mother’s footsteps, and are now CK alumni as well as The University of Kennesaw and University of Georgia alumni. Brandy believes that each child should have a dream and follow it with their whole heart. She is never more proud than to see previous students thriving and following their dreams. Brandy is the founder of the ckYOGA program. She recently completed her 200-hour teacher training course at Casa Firefly in Cahuita, Costa Rica. She feels fortunate to have been trained under Stacy Sinclair in the beautiful Caribbean rainforest. She taught dance and tumbling for many years and looks forward to rekindling her teacher's soul within the CK Yoga program.