Emily Barton is a Junior at KSU with a double major in dance with a modern concentration as well as a Psychology major. She is from Newnan, Georgia, danced for Carrollton Academy of Dance, and was a member of Parker Dance Company as well as being on the KSU dance company for all semesters of college thus far. She has danced for 15 years and was a competitive dancer for 13 years, receiving countless accolades throughout the years. Teaching has always been a passion of hers that she is so happy to finally be able to pursue! She has a desire to learn, is eager to explore the endless possibilities of artistic expression through dance, and hopes to pass her love for dance onto her students. She feels as though dance is her safe place and it has shaped her into who she is today so she looks forward to creating that environment in her classes too. Her ultimate goal is to one day fulfill her lifelong dream of owning a dance studio of her own and this opportunity is a huge stepping stone in her career as a dance instructor. She is honored to have been chosen to be on CK Danceworks staff for the first year and is so excited to begin this journey!